Wednesday, 15 November 2017

I thought i would share a little update on how i am currently doing on my slimming world journey but also share anything i have learnt that keeps me going.

I have been going to my slimming world group for about a year and a half and have lost 6 st 11lbs so far and i cant tell you how good it feels to not be the size i used to be. I make sure i go to class every week to get weighed and i always stay after getting weighed so i am getting any help and support i might need from my consultant and fellow members. I find that going to group and getting weighed each week helps me stay on plan although some weeks i am tempted to slip up but i would feel disappointed in myself if i didn't get the result i wanted at the scales.

I write down everything i eat in a food diary to keep track how many syns i have that day and making sure i am eating enough. This step is usually only recommended in the first 4 weeks of your journey but i find it has helped me massively as i know i could easily forget if i didn't write it down. I also find trying new recipes and keeping my diet varied keeps the weight falling off.

I have tried doing slimming world from home for years before i started going to group and i have never stuck at it, but i find having a very friendly and supportive consultant as well as making a few friends makes going to group every week that much easier. My journey has been full of ups and downs but i am enjoying the ride and taking each step as it comes.

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  1. I'm thinking of trying slimming world. I don't want to go to a group though, that's not for me. You've lost so much weight and done amazingly!! Well done ��


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