Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Believe it or not i have never tried any of the bath bombs or melts from lush before but i have wanted to for quite some time. I went for mainly bath melts as they appealed to me the most but i do feel i will be making my way around the other lush bath products

Butterbear Bath Bomb

How cute is this little guy? The butterbear is part of the Christmas collection with his beautiful rich cocoa butter and vanilla scent. He is the only bath product i have tried since receiving my order and was kinda disappointed that he fizzed away quite quickly but my skin felt so soft afterwards.

Ceridwen's Cauldron

Ceridwen's Cauldron comes wrapped up in a muslin cloth and I really liked the idea of popping this into the bath while having a soak and it will slowly melt. Once it is melted you can use the remaining oats and herbs in the bag to exfoliate the skin.

Snow Angel Bath Melt

When i purchased the snow angel i was not aware that it was covered in glitter although i have read it is not something to be scared of and will only leave a slight shimmer on your skin. The snow angel has a sweet scent and as its fizzing away it will start to realease its hidden cocoa butter centre.

What are your favorite Bath Products from Lush?
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  1. You really cant beat a Lush bath bomb! I love Avobath, but cant wait to get some of the christmas range

  2. I really want to try their bath bombs!! We don't have lush here so it's hard haha but I went by a store once and it smelled so good!! xx

  3. A shower bomb is typically made of a couple of basic fixings. These may incorporate citrus extract, preparing pop, corn starch, herbs, fundamental oils, and nourishment shading.usa bath products


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