Thursday, 3 August 2017


It has just been over a year since i shared my last update on how i am doing with my Slimming World Journey and i thought i would post a little update on how i am getting on. It has been about a year and two months since i first joined my local group and without fail every Wednesday night i have gone to my group to get weighed and always stay for any help or support i may need.

When i first joined i never imagined i would still be on this journey over a year later since having tried all my adult life to lose weight and having tried slimming world before but going it alone. I have noticed that i no longer feel the need to comfort myself with food if i am having a bad day. Instead i go out for walk with the dog, listen to my favorite playlist or have a pamper night and that usually helps. 

The biggest change for me (apart from the food) has been the exercise part adding in swimming, cycling, walking and even running sometimes.  I have noticed that doing 10,000 steps a day has really helped the weight come off week after week as well as following the plan 100% but i still allow myself to have a few days off from the exercise to relax.

In the year that i have joined slimming world i have lost 5 and a half stone and dropped 4 dress sizes so far. I really feel like my eating habits have changed for the better and although i am not going to completely deprive myself if i really fancy a takeaway, i know that i one meal is not going to make a huge difference and wont set me back.

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  1. Congratulations, that's amazing!! I'm seriously considering slimming world. I've lost 22lbs during the last 9 weeks but now it's starting to really slow down (it shouldn't because I've got a ton of weight to loose still). Any tips to help a beginner get to grips with it all? Xx

    Jay | jayxoblogs.com


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