Monday, 14 August 2017

I know the Revlon colorstay foundation has been around for quite a few years now but i haven't really had the chance to try the foundation since they apparently changed the formula so i thought i would give it another try on my search to find a drugstore foundation i love.

I applied the foundation on top of my my favorite primer of the moment which is the hourglass mineral veil primer and the shade i got 220 natural beige was a good match for me. I was not expecting to love this foundation straight away, it did an excellent job at covering all of my rosacea and and evening everything out. Normally with foundations they don't normally stick to the oiliest parts of my face or go really patchy and revlon's colorstay foundation didn't do that with me

I wore the foundation for a total of 10 hours and was really impressed that no oil broke through the foundation and still looked as good as it did when i first applied it. It could easily replace my holy grail foundation smashbox Studio skin foundation as it is cheaper but also i find the smashbox foundation to break down easier than the revlon foundation but i might just keep it for the winter months when i am a little drier.

                                What are your thoughts on Revlon Colorstay Foundation?
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  1. Ooh this sounds really good! I'll have to check it out.
    Emma ✨

  2. 10 hours that's awesome wear time! I definitely need too try!!!

  3. This was all the rage on YouTube three years ago, but then they changed the formula! I need to re-try it I think!

  4. I love the photo you have taken for this post, it's super cute and looks so professional! xx

  5. I love the Revlon colour stay foundation! I actually have a review on it to. It's the only drug store foundation that's pale enough for me and the coverage and lasting power is amazing! Glad you like it too!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. This photo is really beautiful, I love the flowers. I really like the sound of the foundation because I'm quite pale - the coverage sound amazing for a drugstore foundation x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  7. I've used the Revlon Foundation before and I wasn't a fan because I felt like the shade range wasn't good enough. I'll have to revisit to see if they've expanded a bit :)


  8. Hmmm.. the shade range didnt agree with me either. I feel revlon sadly does not cater properly for darker skin tones but does great with fairer tones. I found the shade had red undertones and not much yellow based so found it hard to match. I did however like the consistency and coverage and was rather impressed with that.


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