Friday, 28 July 2017


I love nothing more than a good catch up on watching my favorite YouTubers when i have some free time. So in today's post i thought i would share with you who i love to watch and i wish i could list everyone i love but that would make this a very long blog post!

I always find Tati's video's such a breeze to watch as she is such a sweet person and so down to earth and whenever i get a notification saying she has a new video i will drop whatever i am doing just to watch it.

I love watching Rosi's channel for her bi-weekly vlogs (or vloggle's as she is now calling them)  and finding out what she has been up to. Although her channel is based around other video's too including beauty and fitness video's.

I have been watching Casey for several years now and i found her channel through searching how to cover redness with makeup as it's something we both have in common. Casey also has a vlog channel and i love to see how she is getting on planning her wedding to Davis.

I can't remember a time where Mikhila's channel wasnt in my life as i feel like i have been watching her that long and i love to watch whatever she likes to put on her channel whether its her daily vlogs or anything beauty related.

Who are your Favorite Youtuber's ? 
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  1. Thank you for sharing these - I don't follow many Youtubers as I never know who to go for but have just spent 15 mins watching one of Rosanna Pierce's vlogs so she's getting a subscribe after this!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. oh yay glad you found a new Youtuber to watch! x


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