Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Its been quite a while since i did an updated skincare routine and as i thought that since the seasons have changed since my last update, i would share with you all the products i am currently using in my daily routine.

The first step in my routine is to remove all the makeup that is on my face (if i am wearing any) and i have been using Clinique take the day off cleansing oil for this step, as it is something i had in my collection and wanted to use up. I do however prefer cleansing balms over oils as i find oils to be a little messier to use than cleansing balms. I find this cleansing oil is very good at breaking down my makeup and doesn't irritate my eyes when i use it to remove my eye makeup.

My next step is to go in with a cleanser and make sure every last trace of dirt and makeup is removed from my face and for this step i have been currently using the Garnier Pure active 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask. I prefer to use this product only for cleansing purposes as i found it does not fully set when used as a mask and the exfoliating beads are not effective enough to get a good exfoliation.

I like to use my favorite Simple toner to refresh and clarify my skin after i have cleansed and as it has chamomile and which hazel in the toner it is going to sooth my skin but also get rid of any remaning bacteria on my skin.

I like to apply my eye cream before i apply any serum or moisturiser so the skin under my eyes really soaks up all the product. I find that as i entered my thirties i needed an eye cream that was a little more effective at helping firm up the fine lines under my eyes and Vichy anti wrinkle cream has helped firm them up. Although i know the cream won't completely get rid of them and as it is suitable for sensitive eyes i find this eye cream doesn't make my eyes water neither.

Even though i have oily skin i can still suffer from dehydrated skin especially on my cheeks and i find using a water based serum like Aqualia Thermal Serum keeps my skin hydrated and making my skin smoother for makeup application.

For an extra boost of Hydration i love to mix my body shop oils of life facial oil in with my serum especially if my skin feels very stripped and needs that extra hydration.

As my skin is oily enough i usually stick to light moisturisers as i find if i use something heavy then it will most likely break me out. I have been loving Liz earle light moisturiser for both day and night and as it is summer i usually don't need extra hydration so i find this gives my skin enough without causing me to breakout.

What is your favorite Skincare product in tour daily routine?
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