Sunday, 14 August 2016

To celebrate Glossybox turning five years old, Glossybox collaborated with accessory label Rae Feather for a special edition box and in every glossbox we also received a GB monogrammed pouchette worth £20.

I had never heard of Rae feather before and it is apparently very sought after by fashion bloggers and celebrities although the pochette is a little small to use other than a makeup Bag.

I missed the chance to choose which mua palette i wanted in this month's Glossybox and ended up with the palette called Glitter Ball. This is a very colourful palette and something i would not pick for myself.

I love the sound of this mask as it claims it is going to refine your pores, detoxify the skin, hydrates, brightens and smooths the skin. The mudmasky mask also has all natural ingredients and will also balance the ph in your skin too.

I have never tried a facial cleansing brush as i thought they would be too rough for my skin. However the bristles on the cleansing brush feel really soft and as it is not battery operated it will not over exfoliate your skin, just wet the brush and use with your favorite cleanser.

Although i have never heard of the cowshed brand before the smell of the body lotion smells so good with its scent of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. It would be great little product to travel with.

I felt really underwhelmed by this months box, What are your thoughts on this months Glossybox?
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  1. Ah I'm sorry to hear that you felt underwhelemed. However, a well written post with lovely photography! :) I've never had a monthly beauty box before but it's definitely something I want to try! xx

    Grab Your Camera x

    1. Thank you so much! you made my day x


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