Tuesday, 19 July 2016


I had always been unhappy weight and finding clothes that i would like and flatter my shape was continuing to be a struggle. I have followed slimming on and off at home for several years, i got all the recipe books and i would follow the plan until i got to a certain weight and i would lose interest and the weight started creeping back on.

I knew my mum went to slimming world and she has had great success losing 4.5 stone and it wasn't until my partner Kevin suggest that i go to a slimming world class with her. Since then i have been going to class every Wednesday evening to get weighed and i think going to class has helped, staying to image therapy and hearing all the great losses that everyone had. even if you had a gain that week you would try and recognize what went wrong and put plans in place for the weight to come back off.

I think that slimming world fits me the best as its not a diet, i don't have to count calories and you can eat as much as your appetite allows you to as long as you syn the foods that need to be syned and although i have only lost 1 stone so far i am really enjoying following the plan and knowing the weight is coming off week after week.

I think without going to class and getting to know my fellow slimmers i probably would of but i am currently working towards my 1 and a half stone award and i just take each week as it comes although getting a shiny sticker to put on my slimming world book plus the certificates you get does motivate me to keep going.

I hope you enjoyed this post & have any of you tried slimming world? 
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