Wednesday, 18 November 2015


During Autumn/Winter my skin can sometimes find it hard to adjust to the cold winds and although here in Scotland it hasn't been that bad that the temperature struggles to get above zero. I have finally found what works for my skin and trust these products will look after my skin through the coldest of weather.

I love Garnier Micellar Water for Combination/Oily/Sensitive Skin so much better than the original as it is formulated for my skin type and does not dry out my skin as much. I use this to remove all my makeup in preparation for the next step

I have never been one to go out and buy a cleanser as i thought a micellar water would be enough but i thought nope. It is time i actually cleansed my face properly and to do that i use Philosophy Purity 3 in 1 Cleanser and i thought purity would strip my skin but does not do that.

I really wanted to try a tool alongside my cleanser to really deeply clean my skin and this is a recent find for me (review coming soon) It is the Eborian Konjac Sponge i do think its a tiny bit harsh to use everyday but its really effective for making my skin feel really clean and soft.

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen i recently hauled and currently trialing a couple of superdrug face masks. In hope that Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mask will replace my favorite Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight face mask. Sadly it will not, i find it doesnt sink into the skin that well and leaving my skin sticky for a while. As doesn't have the same lovely fruity scent as origins has but i thought i would include the Vitamin E mask as it is in my skincare routine till i use it up.

My last two products are recent finds but i have just fallen in love with them. I have a love/hate relationship with face oils as sometimes i think they are working well on my skin and sometimes not. Although when i recived a sample of Nude Progenuis rescue oil i could instantly tell my skin loved it and hydrating my skin without me feeling like it's taking ages to sink in. After pressing the oil into my skin i go in with Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and i find my skin is well moisturised and making a huge difference in how smooth my makeup goes on.

What essentials are in your skincare routine for winter?
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  1. I am absolutely useless with skincare, but I do love the Garnier Micellar Water! I've started to use a cleanser to take my makeup off and I love The Body Shop Camomille Cleansing Butter and the Ark Skincare Age Protect Cleanser, they both work wonders on my skin. I really need to read up a bit more about skincare and what will work on my skin as my knowledge is so minimal. I want to make more of an effort next year, it's one of my New Years resolutions I think. Great post Vicky! x

    Ami | perksofbeingami

    1. Thanks! I know so minimal about skincare too but i am trying to be better. x


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