Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Simple has always been one of the skincare brands that i love and have used for many years and in today's post i feature a product from that brand and its the pore minimising toning cleanser. When i first picking this product up i was expecting it to be like any other water based toner but as i applied in to a cotton pad i noticed it is actually a gel formula and i have never come across one like this before.


I didn't find it hard to wipe the cotton round across my face and applied mine to bare skin and i loved how soft my face felt afterwards. As for the pore minimising it's supposed to do, i did see some improvements in my pore size and with regular use i am sure it would help with reducing pore size further. As for the price at £4.49 i think that is an excellent price and did not mind spending that kind of money on something that will do good for my skin and will definitely be repurchasing once i run out.

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