Saturday, 25 July 2015


With being a beauty blogger you would have thought i would know the beauty do's and don'ts but i don't. Some of my habits come down to being lazy and some i just forget but i thought i would share my bad habits with you and you might relate to some if not all. 

Touching my face
I am really bad at touching my face, i do it mostly without thinking but i also make sure that my hands are always clean if i do touch my face without realizing.

Not using heat protectant
I used to be really bad at not using a heat protectant when heat styling my hair but i have now gotten myself into the habit of using a heat styling spray every time i use my hair straightener.

Neglecting my hands
I go in phases of remembering to apply hand cream, sometimes i'm good, sometimes i'm bad but i find if i keep a tube of hand cream on my beside table or in the living room then i am more likely to remember to use it.

Neglecting my body
When it comes to applying body lotion i am not the best at remembering to take care of my skin, i think if i use a moistursing bath soak or shower gel it will compensate for me not using one, I always buy a body lotion with good intention of using it but it rarely happens.

Biting my lips
I find myself biting my lips when i am watching television or YouTube. Its a habit that needs to stop and not to be so lazy and go get some lip balm.

Lazy morning routine
I don't often have time in the morning especially if i am working that day so my cleansing routine falls by the wayside but i do realize if i want my makeup to sit better on my skin i'm going to have to find the time and that would mean getting up 5 mins earlier than i usually do.

Not looking after my cuticles
I never look after my cuticles, I don't use any of the cuticle care products i have. I'ts once in a blue moon that i use my products and decide to take care of them, Like today.  

What are your bad Beauty habits?


  1. Hey you have a nice blog!
    I also have this bad habit of touching my face and rubbing my eyes all the time.. Also i always buy body lotions and never use them but I am trying hard to get rid of these habits..

  2. I think I'm just like you haha!
    Charlotte //

  3. Oh, I am guilty of some of those as well. I do the face touching and neglecting my body and my hands. I definitely have to get better at those. Although I don´t touch my face as often when I wear make up, so that´s a start.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa


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