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Being into makeup means i test and own a lot of makeup brushes and i don't see the point of having nice makeup if you have not got the right tools to apply it but you don't need to spend a fortune to buy great quality makeup brushes. In today's post i am going to share with you my three recommendations for someone who is just starting out in makeup.

Mac Cosmetics

MAC 168, 217, 219, 212
Mac 168, 217,219,212 

I know Mac brushes are expensive but they are one of my personal favorites, I don't own every single brush from mac but i am slowly building up my collection but what i have tried from them i love and use on a daily basis. They are great quality brushes, pick up colour really well, don't shed when you wash them and how oh so soft they are.

Mac 168 Large angled contour brush - I like using this for applying blush or contour because of it's angle and that it is not too thin but your still able to fit it in the hollow or apple of your cheeks so you can place and buff the product out.

Mac 217 blending brush - This brush is good for many things putting a wash of colour across the eye, can be used in the crease and in the outer part of your eye. One of my favorites.

 Mac 219 Pencil brush - A great brush for smoking out under your lower lash line, smudging out colour, defining shapes and depositing colour in your crease because its soft and firm but not dense. Its a must have brush for me.

Mac 212 flat definer brush - Another Multi-purpose brush, its a flat brush that provides a stroke of colour for definition, You can use it to fill in your eyebrows, line your eyes and tight line your upper lash line with it. My favorite way to use this brush is to tight line my upper lash line to make my eyelashes to appear fuller. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

F14, E42, E25, E24, E27

Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an online store that brings you professional quality brushes at an affordable price. I stumbled across this brand after watching several YouTuber's recommending them

F14 Round Top cheek brush - Its a soft round densely packed brush that can be used for applying foundation, blush, contour or highlight. I have only used this brush for blush and contour, its my favorite way to use it. 

E42 Pointed crease brush - With it's pointed tip i would recommend using this brush if you are looking to apply colour into your socket line and up onto your crease and also you could try to use it to smoke out your lower lash line.

E25 round top blending brush - This is one of the brushes i own several of, Its a fantastic brush for blending eyeshadow into your crease. A must have brush for me.

E24 Flat shader brush - As its a flat shader it's great for placing or packing down colour on to the eyelid, Another brush i own several of.

E27 Cute mini detailer - Another flat shader brush but this one miniature and you could still use it to pack on colour into the centre or all over the lid but my favorite way to use it is to brighten up the inner corner of my eyelid with eyeshadow. 

Real Techniques

duo-fiber face brush, duo-fiber contour brush, setting brush, deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush

Real techniques were my first drugstore brushes, designed by makeup experts Sam & Nic. Very affordable yet great quality brushes and my favorites from the drugstore

Duo fiber Face brush - The bristles on this brush are sparse and not dense which means it wont pick up as much product and is great if you are using this brush to apply powder to your face.

Duo fiber Contour brush - A great brush for contour, applying blush or highlight and wont pick up much product because its sparse bristles. A great brush for people who prefer the natural look.

Setting Brush - A smaller, soft powder brush ideal for using to set any concealer you may use under your eyes, You could use it to contour with if you wish.

Deluxe Crease Brush - A small densely packed brush, Ideal for blending out eyeshadow in your crease or blending out any concealer on your face

Base shadow Brush - In my opinion this could be a dupe for Mac's 217, the are similar in shape but not in price. A great brush for laying down colour of softening out any hash lines in your eye makeup.

Accent brush - This brush is so small and is a perfect size for putting highlight in your inner corner of your eyes or smoking out the lash line

What are your recommendations for someone starting out in makeup?

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